Custom machining services

Valmet Power's machining facility features the CNC Machining Henri Line Drill Mill that is designed for the production of headers up to 42" in diameter. The Machining Center is capable of handling header lengths (x-axis) from 3' to 42' (up to 60' with multiple set-ups), widths (y-axis) of 75" and heights (z-axis) of 44" (48" with v-blocks). Both 4 and 5-axis are available with a universal head mounted on the horizontal axis. The centers 3 jaw chuck will accommodate diameters from 4" to 24". Machine accuracy is 0.0005" total error.
Any angle hole or surface can be machined to fabricate parts such as:

  • Fixtures
  • Hangers
  • Air heater tube sheets
  • Hand hole plates
  • Burner doors
Finishing services Process information

Finishing Services

Shot Blasting

Econoline, 21" x 27" x 12"

Stress Relieving

Clamshell: 2' 8" x 3' 7" x 14' 10"

Product Marking

Etching, Indenting, Engraving

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Process Information

Engineering & Design Capabilities Valmet Engineers can design and enter part specifications into SolidWorks allowing them to move from 2D to 3D CAD with ease, ensuring that each steel part is cut to the same exacting specifications and precise dimensions. SolidWorks 3D CAD software allows for accurate 3D models that automate a full range of design and development processes, reducing costs, and improving product quality. This expedites production and increases reliability through use in all of productions CNC and Laser Cutting applications.
Crane Capacity Valmet has the ability to fabricate large weldments with 20 ton crane capacity and 25’ under hook floor clearance. Example products include back-end ductwork on power plants and heavy equipment vortex finders.
Tooling Inventory Valmet holds a large supply of machine tooling in stock. A broad range of tooling provides for fast and efficient turnaround services to our customers. Please note: Longer lead times are expected with specialty tooling requirements.
Preferred Drawing Submission PDMS, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CAM Works

Charlotte, NC

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