Chemical Cleaning Advisory and Consulting Services

Chemical Cleaning Advisory and Consulting Services

  • Valmet will derive the cleaning procedure for any system to be cleaned with reactive chemistry. Valmet will identify deposits, determine deposit weight loading, and perform solubility testing.
  • Valmet will design and provide drawings for the mechanical requirements. Valmet has a full engineering staff for complex systems.
  • Valmet will write the technical, safety, environmental, and bid specifications.
  • Valmet can offer a list of qualified chemical cleaning service companies.
  • Valmet can assist in evaluation of quotes
  • Valmet will be on-site during the project in an advisory capacity.
  • Valmet will inspect the system after cleaning for cleanliness and base metal condition
  • Chemical cleaning consultation

Chemical cleaning on-site management

Valmet's Power Service will be on site prior, during, and after the project to provide direction of all tasks by all involved entities to insure:

  1. Proper operational and safety performance
  2. On-schedule completion.

Optional chemical cleaning turn-key services

  • Subcontracting of chemical cleaning services
  • Subcontracting of mechanical services
  • Procurement of all other required items