Spare parts and consumables for improved reliability and performance

Valmet’s spare parts offering includes a full range of engineered parts by Valmet, upgraded retrofit parts, as well as replacement and commercial parts. All spares are designed and manufactured according to very strict quality requirements.

It is not just the quality of spare parts that matters; the right parts need to be at the right place at the right time. Valmet's spares are quickly and easily available around the globe, since we have a dedicated information, sourcing and logistics network.

Valmet Fabrics

Production consumables for trouble-free running

Valmet provides a full range of tailored production consumables from economical to high performance products to optimize your board and paper machines’ performance, making the most out of the least. From roll covers and paper machine clothing to consumables such as doctoring products, suction roll seals, headbox flow sheets, sizer consumables and slitters, Valmet is at your service.

Uptime agreements

Our Uptime agreements for spare parts and consumables are always individually tailored for each production line.

Choosing Valmet as your supplier provides among others energy, operational and raw material savings, quality improvements, and comprehensive technical support utilizing our network of process experts close to you through Valmet’s 120+ service centers and remotely.

Valmet Fabrics Production

Valmet offers a comprehensive selection of spare parts and consumables including over 1,000,000 product items with detailed information. In addition to quick purchasing and reliable deliveries, customers get to tap into Valmet’s in-depth knowledge and comprehensive technical support.