Spare parts for stock preparation

Valmet offers spare parts and spare parts packages (including cleaner cones and disc filter segments) for effective inventory and material management in stock preparation. High availability of spare parts is essential in proactive shutdown planning and optimizing inventory, with the benefit of lowering the risk for part failures and reducing net working capital.


  • The widest scope of reliable OEM parts for Valmet machinery and approved replacement parts
  • Reliable and easy purchasing of spare and wear parts with order tracking possibility 
  • Direct support with our experts in troubleshooting situations


eStore - Banner_230x112.jpg

eStore - online spare parts services for board and paper provides an easy, rapid way to contact Valmet's local spare parts specialists. All the major market areas have customer service supervisors dedicated to helping the online parts customers.

Stainless Steel Grid Sector for Disc Filters


Durable, high performance disc filter sector designed for easy maintenance.

Cassette Grids for Disc Filters


Maintenance-friendly sectors for center shaft disc filters with more open area for improved performance.


Valmet Hydrocyclone Cleanpac EZ 350

EZ350_Teaser Banner_2.jpg Replacement cleaner system with easy maintenance and improved runnability.
Valmet Hydrocyclone EZ 133  
EZ133_Teaser Banner_2.jpg Improve safety, energy efficiency and runnability with this retrofit cleaner option for existing TC 133 equipment.
Valmet Hydrocyclone EZ 80
EZ80_Teaser Banner_2.jpg Designed to improve performance and specifically fit in all canisters, this hydrocyclone technology replaces traditional AM80-type and BM80-type hydrocyclones.
Valmet Hydrocyclone EZ 125
EZ125_Teaser Banner_2.jpg Built to meet the toughest demands from board and paper machine applications, along with secondary fibers and unbleached systems.
Valmet Replacement Hydrocyclone Technology
CleanerParts_Teaser Banner_2.jpg Overview of aftermarket parts and services for cleaner plants.