OptiDry Profile air dryers

Energy-efficient moisture profiling air dryers

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Reduce energy consumption and maintenance work needed by replacing your old profiling infrared dryers with Valmet´s new innovation: a moisture profiling air dryer. It is the first air dryer with a moisture profiling function and is designed to replace profiling infrared dryers in a coating machine.

Energy savings

Less maintenance costs

Better paper quality

Compact layout

All made with air - with OptiDry Profile you can get:


  • excellent profiling results, end-product quality and runnability
  • high drying capacity
  • low energy consumption
  • low maintenance costs and need
  • better working conditions and safety


The poor energy efficiency of infrared (IR) dryers was earlier accepted because of profiling needs. Valmet has introduced a new simple construction, easy-to-maintain profiling air dryer with low operating costs to replace profiling IR dryers. Within normal dryer length, OptiDry Profile has the same profiling effect as two rows of electrical infrared dryers.

With OptiDry Profile you get two dryers in one; an air dryer and a profiling dryer. At the same time, you get all the good qualities of OptiDry air dryers; low energy consumption and maintenance costs, excellent runnability and end-product quality, high drying capacity as well as better working conditions and safety.

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Want to talk to our coating drying experts?

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PowerFloat Profile nozzles for effective profiling with air


Valmet's nozzles are now available with a profiling function. In addition to Valmet's profiling air dryer OptiDry Profile, you can also upgrade your old air dryers into profiling air dryers with PowerFloat Profile nozzles.

Start saving your energy costs with the OptiDry air drying family and PowerFloat nozzles.