Calender ventilation

On-line multinip calenders can produce a massive humidity load to the machine hall due to steamboxes and water moisturizing units. To prevent the massive heat and humidity load from spreading into the machine hall, the calender is equipped with ventilation.

Main benefits of calender ventilation

  • Less need for machine hall ventilation
  • Smaller risk of condensation in the machine hall roof
  • Overall improved air quality
  • Improved calender runnability
  • Secured paper quality

OptiCalender Multinip ventilation

Focused OptiCalender Multinip ventilation remarkably reduces heat and moisture emissions from the calender to the machine hall. The steam generated in the calender is removed as near the steam source as possible. Due to this focused ventilation, air quality in the machine hall improves and there will be less need for air change.

In addition to OptiCalender Multinip ventilation, a two-stack multinip calender includes a movable or liftable roof element that is used to close the upper part of the calender.