Better control performance

Valmet DNA Loop Auto Tuner

Valmet DNA Loop Auto Tuner makes tuning PID controllers easy. The tool is integrated into Valmet DNA’s user interface, called Valmet DNA Operate, so that the tool is always available at the user interface when it is needed. Just right-click the controller in the graphic picture and select the tuning function from the action menu.


  • Automated tuning process for a PID controller, consisting of relay feedback testing, model identification, parameter calculation and simulations
  • Easy to use in normal tuning scenarios (loop in local auto-mode, no major disturbances, almost linear dynamics)
  • Available through Valmet DNA Operate
  • Passive tuning mode based on normal day-to-day operations without explicit process tests
  • Easy target speed selection (aggressive, normal, slow, etc)
  • One-page control tuning report for documentation
  • Collected data stored on disc for later use.


  • Fewer oscillations and longer lifetime for field equipment
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced startup time due to faster response to step changes
  • Fewer quality variations, due to better elimination of disturbances
  • No more need for a separate PC for additional control tuning software.