Valmet DNA Engineering Function Block CAD

Valmet DNA Engineering Function Block CAD tool is used for designing function block diagrams for process control loops, sequences, links, etc. Function block CAD (FbCAD) provides your mill’s engineers with an illustrative and efficient graphical working environment for designing Valmet DNA applications.


Function block diagrams are saved in one common repository located in the engineering server. At the same time, a function block diagram is a graphical document of an application, which is loaded in the runtime environment. This ensures that the documentation is always up-to-date.

Valmet DNA provides function blocks for controls at all levels, including basic process control, advanced quality, drives, and optimization controls. Fuzzy, MPC and Java function blocks are available as standard. The same tool is used for all control design. You can run the entire plant using the same programming language – a real benefit from a maintenance viewpoint.

Valmet DNA Engineering Sequence CAD

Sequence CAD is used in designing sequence diagrams i.e. sequence programs. Sequence diagrams consist of configuration functions, which may include the process control server's sequence controls as well as the control room's tag, operation, step picture and event functions.

Valmet DNA Picture Designer

Graphics Designer is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) picture design tool. With this tool you easily create impressive process pictures - using an extensive library of three-dimensional devices, tanks, pipelines and other process components.

Virtual Valmet DNA - testing environment

The Function Test tool is a graphical testing interface for engineers. It shows the live data in a CAD diagram, enabling the user to see how the control application is working.


  • Easy to use maintenance tool for whole life cycle
  • Powerful functions for engineering and maintenance for the whole life cycle
  • One database for all engineering data
  • Centralized backups of all data
  • Pumpless configuration download to the process

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