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Industrial-grade I/O for Valmet DCS Controllers

Valmet DNA I/O

Valmet DNA I/O hardware provides a full range of digital or analog interfaces and high-speed controls for Valmet ACN controllers. Combining the best of centralized and distributed I/O technologies in one compact unit, Valmet I/O units are simple yet powerful.

Valmet DNA ACN I/O supports analog and digital interfaces in harsh environments

Valmet DNA ACN I/O supports analog and digital interfaces in harsh environments

Robust design for high availability

Valmet I/O hardware is built to withstand the harsh environments of industrial processes while delivering fast control speeds and high accuracy interfaces. Each unit comes with conformal coating as standard and has an operating temperature up to +70 °C.

Valmet offers two series of ACN I/O units, the Valmet M80 and M120. The M80 series is for low voltage and low current analog or digital applications.

For installations needing high voltage isolation between the channels, we have the larger form-factor Valmet M120 series. The M120 also supports digital interfaces for high DC/AC line voltages without external relays.

Redundancy supporting ACN M120 I/O hardware

Redundancy supporting ACN M120 I/O hardware

Redundancy with true hot-swappable elements

Redundancy on ACN I/O cabinet level is implemented using dual Fieldbus, power supply, and IBC controller per pair. The Valmet M120 can also have redundancy on the I/O level where extremely high availability is required. In this configuration, there are two active I/O channels connected to the same field device.

Extensive channel-specific diagnostics, available without additional engineering, ensure you can stay on top of hardware performance. Should an I/O unit need replacing, you change any number of I/O units during operation. Hot swapping is a standard feature of all Valmet I/O models.

  Mounting Supply voltage I/O interface
voltage range
Controller redundancy
I/O redundancy
Exi interfaces Condition monitoring interfaces Ch-system isolation Ch-Ch
Conformal coating Hot-swap
M80 Rail +24 VDC 0…30 V Yes No No  No Yes No Yes Yes
M120 Rail +24 VDC 0….240 V Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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