Valmet DNA - boiler and plant controls for waste to energy power plants

Highlights of Valmet DNA concept for waste-to-energy power plant

  • Powerful, scalable and flexible System Architecture
  • Integrated full Reporting System including Power Plant performance monitoring and reporting applications
  • Advanced combustion controls and boiler controls
  • Integrated Machine Condition Monitoring & Protection
  • Integrated Turbine Controller
  • Applications for Unit control, Coordinated Control, Boiler Control and BMS, Electrical Power Distribution, Electrical Load Shedding, Steam Network Leveling
  • Redundancy at all levels (network, process stations, I/Os, operator workstations and servers) and Cyber Security
  • Experienced project services for timely turnkey delivery
  • Lifecycle services including feasibility studies, availability services and performance solutions

Valmet DNA

Valmet DNA is an automation and information platform for process control. It combines all controls for process, machine, quality, supervisory, drive, as well as optimizations, and mechanical condition monitoring into a single platform.