Operator Effectiveness

Make it easier to make the right decision

Confusion is the operator’s worst enemy

Cluttered graphics, alarm floods and poorly designed applications can overwhelm an operator when abnormal events occur. We leverage core disciplines in high performance graphics, alarm management, and applications design - to enhance operators’ ability to make good decisions when it matters most.

Better information with fewer distractions

High Performance HMI design principles simultaneously provide a wealth of process data while minimizing unnecessary visual clutter. Operators’ situational awareness and decision making are improved, especially during abnormal system states.

Be informed, not overwhelmed

Poorly designed and maintained alarm management systems can overwhelm operators with chattering and nuisance alarms under normal conditions, and debilitating alarm floods when abnormal states emerge. We use a proven seven step methodology to ensure that alarms are appropriate and actionable.

Update applications to prevent abnormal states

Process equipment is always changing and new software capabilities are always being added. Periodic updates of applications can ensure that recurrent system issues are addressed without the need for operator intervention. Our standards-based approach to application development focuses on abnormal situation management while allowing technical staff to optimize performance on an ongoing basis.

Connect and monitor without a console

  • Valmet D3Express HTML5-based monitoring and troubleshooting from desktop and mobile browsers.
  • TotalWebVision shares HMI graphics through the DMZ to privileged users.