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Valmet MAXUM II process gas chromatographs

Known for its flexibility, power, and reliability, the Valmet MAXUM II process gas chromatograph stands for state-of-the-art technology for the analysis of both liquid and gaseous samples. It is used in a wide variety of applications primarily in refineries, the oil refining industry, and the chemical industry.

Reliable and precise operation in even the harshest process environments

Plug-and-Play design simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime

Redundant communication options for secure communication to the plant’s control system

The Valmet MAXUM II family of process gas chromatographs

The application flexibility of the MAXUM II allows for the analysis of feedstock, by-products, and end products, for quality measurement, and for the determination of waste products.

Its versatile features offer the best possible analytical results at low operating costs thanks to a wide selection of components such as injectors, ovens, detectors, and separation columns, as well as components for column switching. Liquid samples can be optimally dosed using a liquid injection valve.


Highly sensitive detectors ensure a reliable trace analysis through precise sensors. An additional benefit is the economic efficiency resulting from the single and double-oven concept plus the modular oven. In addition, networked devices can be monitored in real time by the workstation.  

MAXUM II Airbath / Airless Oven Configuration

Special analytical tasks require stable temperatures in the oven to optimize separating performance of the components. The requirements for optimum separation performance are met with our two oven types. The airbath oven version of the MAXUM II offers generous oven space for both isothermal and temperature-programmed operation. The airless oven provides extremely stable isothermal temperatures with high control accuracy, completely without the use of air.  

MAXUM II Modular Oven Configuration

The MAXUM II Modular Oven (MMO) process gas chromatograph is the ideal solution when simple reliable performance is needed. Using removable analytical modules, maintenance is greatly simplified for lower maintenance costs. The MMO even supports SiCAT application standard solutions. The MMO simple design means it can also be delivered in a fraction of the time of a traditional MAXUM II.  

  • Faster, yet simpler analysis through parallel chromatography 
  • Low operating costs: Flexible oven concept optimizes the air and energy consumption of the analytical solution 
  • Analytical versatility through different detector types such as TCD, FID, FPD, PDD (HID, PID and ECD modes) as well as multi-detectors capability
  • Intelligent electronics, local operation, and central workstation for user-friendly operation 
  • Comprehensive network communication options for central maintenance and secure data transmission 
  • Global Service and Support organization
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