Customer case:

Valmet LS provides a quality measurement for reject water

In Gasum's biogas plant in Finland, the reject water solids are measured with Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS). The reject water should be as free of solids as possible, so Valmet LS provides a quality measurement with a measuring range of 0-5000 mg/l.

Valmet LS installed in a biogas plant in Finland
Valmet LS measurement works fine. Now it is controlling the process and secures good reject water quality to an end customer.
Harri Manu, Plant manager, Gasum
Location Kuopio, Finland
Customer target Measure reject water solids and get a quality measurement to report the reject water quality to the end customer.

Biogas plant sludge dewatering centrate total suspended solids measurement Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS), the only online measurement that can measure in this position.

For the best performance, special attention was paid to the cleaning cycles.

Benefits Improved quality is an important factor when selling the reject water to the customers.
Keywords Wastewater, Solids measurement, Automation, Europe

Low Solids Measurement

Valmet LS, a low solids measurement, is the only meter that works for centrate suspended solids, saving polymers while optimizing the wastewater treatment.