Customer case:

Reliable effluent low solids measurement helps to fulfill requirements

Jul 2, 2021

A Finnish forest industry company Kotkamills utilizes Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS) to measure effluent solids of the treated water. The reliable real-time measurement results are used to meet the environmental requirements set by the plant as well as by the authorities.

Kotkamills measures effluent low solids with Valmet LS
Suspended solids in our wastewater has become one of the most important followed values in WWTP. Valmet LS is a key tool to monitor and help to take required operational measures to fulfill requirements set by our own as well as authorities.
Jani Heiskanen, Environmental manager, Kotkamills


Location Kotka, Finland
Customer target Measure the effluent solids going to the sea to meet the requirements of the environmental permit and to report real-time information to the authorities.
Solution Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS), a reliable centrate suspended solids measurement within the range of zero to 5,000 mg/l
  • 24/7 real-time information vs. lab
  • Faster reaction time
  • Reliable measurement
Keywords Wastewater, Low Solids, Automation, Europe