Customer case:

Paloma Tissue Mill in Slovenia achieves second successful QCS start-up

Nov 28, 2017

December 2016 saw the successful start-up of a Valmet IQ quality management system (QMS) at the Paloma tissue mill in Slovenia. Replacing an aging quality control system on PM 6, this repeat QMS delivery followed an earlier start-up of a similar system on Paloma’s PM 5 in June 2016. The Valmet delivery included a traversing scanner, Valmet IQ measurements for basis weight and moisture as well as machine direction controls.

The biggest advantage is that we now see the quality in real time. This gives us the opportunity for optimization to improve productivity. We have belief in the measurements and with a lot more information we are still learning. We have seen improvement and I think there is room for more. Valmet technology is impressive, both with the machines and automation.”
Nataša Iršič Bedenik, head of supply chain


Location Sladki Vrh, Slovenia

Facing end-of-life with an aging quality information system, expensive maintenance and poor measurement accuracy.


Valmet IQ Scanner, Valmet IQ Moisture and Basis Weight Measurements with multi-predictive machine direction controls together with hood temperature and crepe ratio controls


Improved profiles, especially moisture but the continuous basis weight profile is also essential for the operators to adjust the headbox slice screws

Accurate measurements

Stable quality, less downtime in converting and no complaints

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