Customer case:

Hayat at world class speed

Aug 12, 2015

With a skilled crew and through dedicated hard work Hayat Kimya A.S. in Turkey have succeeded in their efforts to break the world speed record for tissue machines. The record of 2,210 m/min was set during a 24-hour production run by their TM 2 tissue machine at the company’s mill in Yeniköy near the city of Izmit in Turkey.

We have developed an efficient cooperation with Valmet, which is built on mutual trust and common understanding. Our people are familiar with Valmet’s Advantage tissue technology which has resulted in very fast start-ups and high production efficiency.”
Lütfi Aydin, Director, Paper Group, Hayat Kimya


Location Yeniköy, near Izmit, Turkey
Customer challenge Combining high speed with high efficiency and great tissue quality
Solution Advantage DCT 200TS tissue line
Results "The technology is easy to operate and has good accessibility. Even when running at world record speed we reached an efficiency of 93%. Not all can perform at that level even at low speed. The technical advantages of the Advantage DCT technology are significant"
Keywords Tissue, Europe, New lines

Tissue machine data

Type Advantage DCT 200TS
Production (17,5 gsm) 225 ton/day
Sheet design 2 layer
Paper width on reel 5 600 mm
Design speed 2 100 m/min
Basis weight range on reel 12 - 45 gsm
Creping ration range 5-25%
Yankee diameter 18 ft (5 500 mm)