Customer case:

Endless possibilites with Advantage NTT technology for ADNPM

Feb 14, 2018

Abu Dhabi is an appreciated tourist destination with a quality demand as a strong driver for high quality consumer products and tough competition among tissue producers. What does it take to differentiate from competition, build a new market segment and provide product quality to satisfy your customers? For Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill (ADNPM) the answer can be spelled “Flexibility” and Advantage NTT technology.

We had to do something special! We wanted to get a competitive advantage and with the NTT machine we got flexibility. Another must, was to be able to produce facial products. At that time, nobody had considered the potential to produce facial with the NTT machine so we made a test on Valmet’s pilot machine. The result was very promising as the facial product turned out to be very soft. Together with the flexibility, that was the biggest arguments for us to invest in the NTT technology."
Helmut Berger, General Manager, ADNPM

Tissue Machine Data

Type Advantage NTT 100
Width 2,8 m
Design speed

Texture mode: 1.800 m/min
Plain mode: 2.000 m/min

Capacity 25-40.000 tons/year
Products Jumbo rolls
Own Brand, Velvet


Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Customer challenge Needed to get a competetiv advantage and be able to produce facial products
Solution Advantage NTT tissue making concept

"One big advantage is that we can produce paper from recycled fibers that is much softer than normal. But the big impact is that we have much more flexibility than in an ordinary machine. Basis weight from 14-40 gsm is not a problem, recycling paper or virgin pulp – no problem, we can mix if we want. We can make sandwich paper, or 2-ply products with one conventional and one textured paper so we have an unbelievable range of possibilities."