Customer case:

Valmet’s screen basket contributes to excellent runnability

Dec 8, 2020

Valmet’s innovative design screen basket at Norske Skog Bruck’s PM4 gives good results: a clear performance boost in the approach flow system and improved runnability.

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We received comprehensive flow calculations of the PM approach system and were generally convinced by Valmet’s unique laminar design screen basket.”
Enzo Zadra, Managing Director, Norske Skog Bruck



Norske Skog Bruck PM4, Austria

Customer challenge(s)

The conventional screen basket technology was no more optimal for the current production process and thus causing spinning issues.


Valmet and the mill carried out a process study to identify the root causes for machine screen spinning, providing comprehensive flow calculations of the PM approach system. The unique laminar design screen basket,  Valmet Screen Basket VF, was selected to be the best alternative for Bruck’s purposes. The  technology creates non-turbulent and streamlined flow through the accept channel providing excellent runnability.

  • Less breaks
  • Better runnability
  • Improved flow through the basket of the primary screen improving the overall screening performance notably
  • Spinning was significantly reduced


Board and paper, machine screening, screening,  screen baskets, screening audit