Customer case:

Runnability improvement on press section with Valmet Black Belt

Feb 28, 2023

Paper Corea produces linerboard between 80 to 120 g/m² with a production capacity of 210,000 t/y. The mill had a strong target to improve the runnability for producing linerboard of over 100 g/m² basis weight by preventing back flow phenomenon causing the web to wrinkle in the shoe press nip position.


Location Paper Corea, Republic of Korea
Customer challenge The mill had challenges with the back flow phenomenon causing web wrinkle in the shoe press nip position.


  • Valmet Black Belt DG (discontinuously grooved belt)
  • Valmet organized the belt scan service and press survey to check the dewatering performance. After the service and survey, technical discussions were held with the customer and Valmet proposed Valmet Black Belt with discontinuous groove design (DG HD). Void volume increased from 420cc to 490cc.
  • Back flow was prevented in the shoe press nip
  • Less sheet breaks when producing high grammage products
  • Shoe press operation with normal nip load without nip load decrease
Keywords Paper & board, runnability improvement, Asia-Pacific, shoe press belt, dewatering