Customer case:

High-quality, lightweight containerboard production line and mill maintenance agreement

Aug 19, 2015

The Valmet-supplied Greenpac PM 1 containerboard production line successfully came on stream in 2013 at the new mill site in Niagara Falls, NY, in the United States. New board machine is designed to maximize production efficiency while optimizing the use of energy, water, and raw materials. Valmet is also responsible for all maintenance operations at the Greenpac mill.

Valmet-supplied Greenpac PM 1 containerboard production line
The board machine started on time and was producing a good-quality product from day one. I was very impressed with the overall simplicity and automation of the paper machine, which meant we reached safe, efficient production levels in a short time.
Murray Hewitt, General Manager of Greenpac Mill


Location Niagara Falls, NY, United States
Customer challenge To find sustainable production process for recycled high-quality lightweight linerboard in central location.

Valmet delivered a complete OptiConcept linerboard line from headbox to roll handling, including air systems, machine pulpers, a broke collection system and a quality control system. Valmet has full responsibility for mill maintenance operations and supplies PM 1 with board machine clothing in a multi-year agreement.

PM Diagnostics, an Industrial Internet application for increased machine reliability, accurately predicts both small machinery failures and larger, critical ones, and helps to avoid unplanned shutdowns and production losses, and operate in a more controlled manner. 

Results Energy efficiently produced linerboard with optimal strength but a lower basis weight, superior smoothness offering better printability.
Keywords Board and paper, North America, Maintenance, New lines, Paper machine clothing

Technical data

Grade 100% recycled linerboard
Fabric width 9 050 mm   (356.3 in) 
Design speed 915 m/min   (3 000 ft/min)
Basis weight range

95-170 g/m²   (20–35 lb/ft2)


Greenpac PM1 Flythrough video