Customer case:

Exceeding expectations with reliability and accuracy

Sep 28, 2021

To keep recovery boilers operating at peak efficiency, mill operators rely on information and partners they can trust. Learn how Valmet Field Service made a positive impact on a recent boiler tube inspection.

Valmet is providing a quality service with their tube deposit scanning. Very accurate results compared to laboratory deposit weight densities. We were very impressed. Also, the technicians were on the spot and very punctual with getting the data and reporting out.
Engineering Service Manager, Graphic Packaging International, West Monroe, LA


Location West Monroe, LA, USA

The mill needed a way to measure the deposit thickness of the harmful scale inside the boiler tubes of Recovery Boilers #4 and #5.


Valmet's Recovery Field Services team conducted a Boiler Tube Deposit Inspection complete with full report, analysis, and recommendations.

  • Delivered results with high-level accuracy.
  • Exceeded customers expectations.
  • Mill personnel impressed with reliability of Recovery Field Service technicians.
Keywords Boiler tube inspection, Field Services, Recovery, Recovery Boilers