Customer case:

Remote services and analytics add to Burgo mill results

Mar 10, 2016

A Valmet bleach plant optimization project at Burgo’s Ardennes kraft pulp mill in Belgium fulfilled the customer’s expectations and achieveda good ROI. However, this was not the end of the task to maintain and improve the results, as the control performance has actually improved under the watchful, remote surveillance of Valmet engineers, As an example, Valmet staff have been instrumental in diagnosing and correcting a temperature regulation problem. Valmet’s solution reduced chemical consumption.

The reports tell us if we are in a good control range or not and if we are consuming the right amount of chemicals.”
Mr. Pierre Carnevali, Projects Manager, Burgo


Location Burgo’s Ardennes kraft pulp mill in Belgium
Customer challenge

Maintaining and improving results after a Valmet bleach plant optimization project.

Solution A Performance Service Agreement includes remote system and process monitoring though a data link to Valmet which includes refined key process indicators (KPIs) and performance triggers.
Results The Burgo process is virtually 24/7 in Valmet offices where the process performance is analyzed and experienced engineers can diagnose and make recommendations about how to correct a problem and improve the results of the controls. The bleaching process performance is monitored stage by stage and regular control performance reports are provided to the customer.