Customer case:

Targets exceeded in Nippon Paper Akita lime kiln process

Nippon Paper Group is one of the leading producers of paper and cardboard in the world and it's Akita mill the leading Japanese producer of paper, cardboard and pulp. Valmet implemented Valmet Lime Kiln Optimizer solution to reduce specific energy consumption and maximize the more cost efficient fuel usage.

Valmet APC completely changed our mindset of kiln operation. The result exceeds our expectations. The kiln has been running properly without troubling the operators."
Mr. Takahashi, Manager of Production Department, Akita Mill
Location Akita, Japan

Need to improve energy efficiency and operation of the lime kiln.

To maximize the usage of coke as a fuel at the kiln.


Valmet Lime Kiln Optimizer

Process consultation, projects and engineering

Remote support and optimization using Industrial Internet technology


Specific Energy Savings 5.5 %

Fuel ratio from 71.5 % to 72.5 %

Control uptime 99.5 %

Keywords Automation, Pulping and fiber, Asia-Pacific

Advanced process controls (APC) for Pulp

Maximizing process performance is a critical success factor as it directly increases profitability.

Quality Management

Save fibers, chemicals & energy. Increase the competitiveness of the entire value chain from pulp, board, paper, tissue, and nonwoven making to final converted end products.