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Suzano Pulp and Paper's Imperatriz mill - setting new standards for green energy in Brazil

Feb 4, 2016

Suzano Pulp and Paper's mill located in Imperatriz, North Brazil, was started up in late 2013. To build the most energy-efficient mega-mill in the world was one of the most ambitious and challenging projects for the South American pulp industry in a decade. Valmet delivered the main technology for both pulp production and recovery - including wood preparation, cooking and fiber line, drying and baling, evaporation, recovery, energy boiler and mill-wide automation.

We have been supplying to the national grid an average of 80 MW of surplus energy, based on liquor and biomass sources
José Alexandre de Morais, Industrial Operations Director of Suzano





The mill is located in Imperatriz in Maranhão state in the north of Brazil. The state is one of the less developed in the country, and Suzano’s investment was the first of its kind in the region.


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The climate in the region is similar to that found in Amazon forest, with temperatures close to 30°C throughout the year and two well-defined seasons: the dry season and the rainy season, marked by six month of heavy rain. Such a climate brought great challenges to the workers during the construction period. At the peak of the construction phase, there were over 11,000 workers involved with 7,000 of them employed by Valmet.






“The location of the mill was chosen in an area where land was freely available for tree plantations and there was no competition with food production. Being close to the equator saves four days of transportation to our customers in the USA and Europe, saving fuel and CO2 emissions,” says Adriano Canela, Suzano’s Project Director.



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