Customer case:

Södra Cell Mörrum

Jan 2, 2018


Project Increased pulp production with Valmet's chipping plant
Location Södra Cell Mörrum operates two parallel pulp lines for the production of softwood pulp and textile pulp (dissolving pulp) in the south of Sweden.
Challenge To increase pulp production from 380,000 to about 420,000 tons annually.
Scope from Valmet
  • Log infeed with de-icing
  • Debarking lines
  • Chipping lines
  • Bark- and water handling
  • Chip conveying systems
Keywords Pulping and fiber, New lines


Project Power boiler rebuild for boiler capacity increase
Location  Södra Cell Mörrum, Sweden


  •  Conversion of recovery boiler to power boiler
  •  Bubbling fluidized bed technology
  •  Very short delivery time
Keywords  Power boiler rebuild, Pulping and fiber, Europe