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Fiber saving with screen room rebuild

Sep 16, 2015

When Södra Cell Mönsterås realized they were losing about four tonnes of accept fiber each day during softwood pulp production they quickly started to look for a solution to fix the problem.

Saving this much accept fiber each day can result in a payback time of one year or less.
Karin Dernegård, Södra Cell Mönsterås

Location Cödra Cell Mönsterås, Sweden
Challange Losing accept fibers in the screen room

Valmet rebuilt the third screen and replaced the cyclone cleaners with a fourth screen in a conventional screen room of the pulp mill. A screen basket with a dilution belt was added to the third screen. Furthermore, a number of the cyclone cleaners were replaced with an OptiScreen Fine screen to screen fine rejects.


75% reduction in fiber losses

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