Customer case:

Dry solids to evaporation up 7.5% by optimizing the washing line

Dec 8, 2020

An integrated pulp and paper mill in the USA has had a long-term partnership with Valmet. The mill decided to optimize their brown stock washing line producing 1000 tons per day with good results.

The results of optimizing pulp mill's washing line


Location USA

The mill had difficulty controlling the washing line manually due to large variations in pulp dirtiness. They wanted to improve the washing efficiency to improve pulp cleanliness and liquor solids and to stabilize washing for more consistent operation. 


Performance optimization as a solution:

  • Weak Black Liquor % Solids improved by 7.5%
  • Washer Discharge Pulp Cond decreased by 17%
  • Washer Filtrate Cond decreased by 12%
  • Variability reduction of 50%
Keywords Washing Line Optimizer, Automation, North America