Customer case:

Borregaard installs Valmet first Inlet PF

Jun 9, 2017

Borregaard in Norway is the first to equip its TwinRoll press with the new inlet box – Valmet Inlet PF.

With help from the new pressure sensors it is now possible to see that pulp is distributed uniformly across the whole width of the roll.
Jon Andre Nielsen, Senior Engineer Production from Borregaard

Location Borregaard, Norway
Challange Pulp distribution from the previous inlet boxes on the press was uneven across the whole width of the roll under certain process conditions.
Solution Install two new Valmet Inlet PF
Results Clearly improved washing efficiency. Solids content has increased by about 4%. The press can now be run at lower torque at the desired solids content. And this results in more gentle handling of both fiber and equipment.
Keywords Chemical Pulping, TwinRoll press, Norway, Europe