Customer case:

Annual planning cuts downtime at Canadian pulp mill

Feb 21, 2020

The mill worked with Valmet to develop a customized approach to annual outages at their site that combined OEM vacuum washer expertise, spare parts inventory planning, shutdown planning, project planning & execution, on-site field service and outage support.

We continue the relationship each and every shutdown.  Year after year we are working together to evaluate what is needed for the year to come.”  - Al Parsons, Mill Sales Manager, Valmet


Western Canada Pulp Mill

Customer challenge




  • Planning is critical to the success of an annual outage.
  • Time and on-site resources required for proper planning are often limited.
  • To minimize downtime and achieve the goals of the shutdown, mill personnel needed outage planning support that demonstrated:
    • Full understanding of mill-specific equipment needs
    • Expert process knowledge of pulp washing and Fiberline operations
    • Available resources to execute maintenance and troubleshooting







  1. Began with process audit of vacuum washing system.
  2. Audit uncovered the need for
    shower bar replacement.
  3. Replacement project created opportunity for mill-specific training on vacuum washing process and legacy equipment GL&V and IMPCO equipment.
  4. Utilizing the expertise of Valmet's vacuum washer expertise, mill began preparing for its next outage with pre-planned spare parts program that included the use of customized washer parts boxes delivered to the mill.
  5. Subsequent projects were  planned and excuted, including trunnion replacements and  additional wash shower replacements.






  • Removed bottleneck from the fibreline
  • Continue to keep downtime in the mill at a minimum
  • Peace of mind for mill personnel that they prepared for their upcoming outages
  • Reinforced trust in and understanding of OEM partner
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