Customer case:

Northernmost biogas plant has run 5 years with Valmet automation

Jul 28, 2020

The world’s northernmost biogas plant has been running for five years at the Vocational College Lappia in Loue, in Finland’s Tervola municipality. The biogas plant process is controlled with the Valmet DNA automation system. Vocational College Lappia serves Western Finland, while Lappia Education Company operates throughout all of Finland. The Rural Entrepreneurship program provided at the Loue campus is just one area of study. This is where the vocational school executes its strategy of focusing on the bio and circular economy, as well as nature, adventure and entrepreneurship.

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Automation is the heart of the biogas plant. For the functionality and safety of the plant, it is essential. Likewise, the automation makes it easier to operate the process and frees up the personnel for other tasks. Valmet DNA has been a good choice for us. The specification, installation and process management have worked exceptionally well.”
Jarmo Saariniemi, Office Manager, Centre of Expertise for Rural Entrepreneurship


Location Loue, Finland
Challenge An automation system for functionality and safety of the plant was required.
Solution Valmet DNA Automation system.
Results The entire plant has never experienced downtime due to a failure. The bioprocess conditions have stabilized.
Keywords Valmet DNA, Alternative fuels, Finland