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New Danish ferry M/S Hammershus leads the way with top technology

Jul 29, 2020

M/S Hammershus RoPax vessel sails smoothly in the Baltic Sea with Valmet’s DNA integrated automation system (IAS) covering the control, alarm and monitoring of machinery systems. With a capacity of 720 passengers including the crew and 90 freight trailers, M/S Hammershus is a modern RoPax vessel owned by the Danish ferry services company Molslinjen. The company operates ferry services between Jutland (Jylland) and the island of Zealand (Sjælland). The vessel was built in Finland by the Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) shipyard, which specializes in multipurpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries, and naval vessels. Telesilta, the Finnish marine electrical contracting company, integrated Valmet’s automation system with other systems on the vessel. As a result of the efficient work carried out by these three companies and their countless sub-suppliers involved in the project, the ferry is now sailing smoothly in the Baltic Sea.

The vessel has plenty of new features, many of which are driven by recently introduced regulations. For example, it has more advanced computer systems in use, including Valmet’s automation system."
Jens Andersen, Captain, Hammershus


Location The Baltic Sea
Challenge Recently introduced regulations demand a more advanced control systems.
Solution Valmet’s delivery for the ship included the Valmet DNA integrated automation system (IAS) to cover the control, alarm and monitoring of machinery systems. Additionally, the delivery included training and commissioning.

"For me, DNA Operate TEA is an important tool. I can see the history, and I have used it several times for troubleshooting. We all gain valuable experience, because the system is actually educating us.

The Valmet DNA user interface is good and easy to use. It features a nice color scheme that is easy on the eyes. It also provides important technical descriptions about the events, which seldom occur."

Chief Engineer Jan Jörgensen.

Keywords Valmet DNA, Marine, Automation