Customer case:

Baltika, Icebreaker

Jul 5, 2018

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard has once again built a high-technology vessel for demanding ice conditions. The vessel, which will be used in Gulf of Finland, was launched in December 2013. In a vessel that performs icebreaking operations, a reliable functioning of the power management system is critical.Thus, Valmet DNA was selected.

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It has been great to build the first-ever sideways operating ice-capable vessel. I believe this vessel will be the benchmark when developing and building other innovative Arctic vessels. The icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel is technically advanced, and building it has required special knowledge.
Esko Mustamäki, Managing Director of Arctech Helsinki Shipyard


Location Baltika will be used in the Gulf of Finland. The vessel will perform icebreaking operations in harbors and in adjacent water.
Customer challenge The new innovative vessel needs a high quality control and monitoring system to take care of all the challenging operating functionalities.
Results For Valmet, it is an honor to be involved in the project with this new type of vessel, the first-ever built that moves ahead, astern and sideways in heavy ice. There is no doubt that BALTIKA will become the benchmark for similar vessels in the future.
Solutions The comprehensive automation system controls machinery alarm and monitoring, controller loops, and tank level monitoring, as well as takes care of the control of pumps, valves and the electric power management system.
Keywords Valmet DNA, Marine, Icebreaker