Customer case:

Sabah Electricity: Improved problem solving skills through Valmet DNA training

Jun 16, 2017

Sabah Electricity’s engineers, operators, and their manager from Malaysia participated Valmet DNA Maintenance and Engineering course in Tampere. Four days of hands-on training provided overall picture of the system and practical skills to be used when using the system. After the training, they are better prepared and can solve problems easier and faster. For some of the engineers, the training also offered the first touch with Valmet DNA system.

Usually if there is a problem, I have to call someone. But the system like this is easy to use and this is what we are looking for. Valmet DNA is just like this.
Abdul Razak Salleh, General Manager Generation, Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd.


Location Sabah, Malaysia
Customer challenge The customer wants to be able to solve problems by themselves and to get more familiar with Valmet DNA system. 
Solution Valmet DNA, Valmet DNA Maintenance and Engineering course

Four days of hands-on training in Tampere offered the engineers and operators capabilities and problems solving skills to operate and maintain their Valmet DNA automation system. 

Keywords Learning Services, Automation, Asia