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Customer case:

Nokianvirran Energia: New boiler plant utilizes local fuels

Nokianvirran Energia is owned by SCA Hygiene Products, Nokian Renkaat and Leppäkosken Lämpö. The power plant utilizes affordable local biofuels and sludges from tissue production as side streams.

The new heating station produces process steam for the SCA Hygiene Products paper mill and the Nokian Renkaat factory, as well as district heat for Leppäkosken Lämpö's district heat customers. The fossil natural gas previously used for energy production is replaced with more affordable biofuels, such as timber chips and whole tree chips. In addition, the boiler utilizes milled peat and sludge from the paper mill."
Location Nokia, Finland
Customer challenge
Fossil natural gas replaced with more affordable biofuels: timber chips and whole tree chips. In addition, milled peat and de-inking sludge from the tissue mill can be utilized.
Results Investment improves the price competitiveness of district heat compared with other heating methods.
Solutions HYBEX boiler (BFB technology), Valmet DNA, flue gas cleaning
Key words HYBEX, Valmet DNA, flue gas cleaning, Finland
Updated; Jun 7, 2019