Customer case:

Flue gas heat recovery improves district heat production capacity at Rovaniemen Energia

Aug 26, 2015

Valuable energy is no longer breaking free into thin air at the Suosiola CHP plant located in Rovaniemi, known as the capital of Finnish Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus. The plant owned by Rovaniemen Energia Oy recently started up a flue gas cleaning system with heat recovery supplied by Valmet.

The plant produces district heat for the city of Rovaniemi and electricity for the national grid. Wood chips and peat fuel the boiler, along with light fuel oil during startups. Heavy fuel oil is used in separate peak load boilers during peak load demand.

With the new system, we are well prepared for the Industrial Emissions Directive and will stay within the permit limits set for us with regard to SO2 and dust emissions. The project left us with a good feeling – and the hopes to see the same people in connection with another project in the future.”
Matti Virta, Production Engineer, Rovaniemen Energia


Location Rovaniemi, Finland
Customer challenge To improve the plant’s energy economics, prepare for the Industrial Emissions Directive and stay within the permit limits with regard to SO2 and dust emissions as well as reduce the need for using HFO.
Solution Valmet’s comprehensive delivery covered the flue gas scrubber, the condensate treatment system, a condensate cooler, plant automation and a building to house them all.
Results During a two-year development program, the plant increased its district heat production capacity from 62 megawatts (MW) to 110 MW. Of this amount, 22 MW originates in heat energy recovered from the 140˚C water vapor in flue gas using Valmet’s flue gas condensing technology.
Keywords Energy, Europe, Air pollution control