Customer case:

Stable and reliable electricity by Valmet’s CFB technology and plant wide automation system

Valmet’s CFB technology and plant-wide Valmet DNA automation system are helping Cikarang Listrindo meet the growth in electricity demand from customers. The boilers have been running steadily within a full load range. The reliable and accurate automation control system is the key to ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation. In 2018, Cikarang Listrindo decided to add another handy feature to its toolkit – Valmet DNA Plant Management Application (PMA). This application, which automatically calculates and presents performance, production, and consumption data, is set to bring further improvements to the plant’s KPIs.

We are very happy with Valmet DNA, it is user-friendly and extremely easy to operate. The main idea behind integrating the PMA is performance optimization. If you have measured and monitored information on how the plant and different systems operates, you have essential data for improvements. Of course, the reporting, which provides us with a quick and easy reporting system for our immediate needs. After the PMA was commissioned in early 2019, there has been no need for any manual calculations. All the data is automatically available to us whenever needed.”   
Sami Sivola, Station Manager at Cikarang Listrindo’s Babelan plant
Location Bekasi, Indonesia
Customer challenge Cikarang Listrindo provides electricity to over 2,400 companies in five industrial estate, and the customer base has been growing. The challenge is how to be able to continue to support the growth of their customers and provide more electricity at a reasonable cost with highest reliability.
Solution 2 Valmet CFB Boilers (formerly CYMIC), Plant wide Valmet DNA automation, information management system, the Balance of Plant, Plant Management Application
  • Energy efficiency and district heating production capacity increased
  • Emission decreased
  • Advanced automation solution to reach high process availability and maximum fuel efficiency
  • Automatically calculates and presents performance, production and consumption data
  • Brings further improvement to the plant’s KPIs
Keywords CFB boiler, automation, Asia Pacific

Automation for energy

Valmet’s solutions for advanced power plant automation are based on the Valmet DNA automation and information platform. Valmet DNA is a highly integrated automation system for complete power plant control and monitoring.

CFB Boiler

Valmet CFB Boiler is an advanced circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler developed by Valmet. It combines high-efficiency combustion of various solid fuels with low emissions, even when burning fuels with completely different calorific values at the same time.