Customer case:

System migration with the first redundant PROFINET

Feb 23, 2018

CP Kelco recently installed Valmet DNA to replace an end-of-life automation system on CMC production line 4 in its Äänekoski facility in Finland. New technology was a key part of the delivery including Valmet’s first redundant PROFINET extension to DNA for motor controls.

The PROFINET addition to the system replacement was very worthwhile, cabling was simplified and as the motor controls were totally new made the job easier. Overall it was a very good project.
Pekka Rönkä, Project Manager, CP Kelco


Location Äänekoski, Finland
Challenge “We already had good PROFINET experience with PLCs in the plant and will soon be facing the replacement of I/O hardware dating back to 1992. As the motor control cabinets on line 4 needed upgrading we decided it would be a good opportunity to test PROFINET solutions on a larger scale, and give us another alternative for future upgrades,” says Rönkä
Solution Redundant PROFINET implementation
Results “We now have the ability to reset tripped motors from the control room, read information from the controller, like the number of starts and have real time diagnostics information. A big benefit of the redundancy is the possibility to replace a motor control module on the run without stopping the process,” declares Rönkä, “Earlier that might have caused a problem.” The PROFINET ring is active all the time with a spare PROFINET switch connected to the ring that can be taken into use without reconnection of the PROFINET cable. 
Keywords Valmet DNA, PROFINET