Customer case:

Stora Enso Imatra Mills Tainionkoski BM 5 safety upgrade

Jun 16, 2016

Safety was the main driving force behind modernizing the Stora Enso Imatra Mills Tainionkoski board machine 5 (BM 5). Valmet delivered safer winder, transfer rails from reel to winder, and some measurements and controls for the board machine because the roll handling equipment from reel to storage needed a major safety improvement.

Stora Enso workers at Tainionkoski board machine BM5
When you get rid of safety deviations (near-miss incidents or accidents), production and working conditions improve. In other words, efficiency and safety are related: safety turns into profit.
Jaakko Väärä, Safety Delegate of Stora Enso Imatra Mills BM 5


Location StoraEnso Imatra Mills Tainionkoski, Finland
Customer challenge The roll handling equipment not safe to operate

A major safety improvement rebuild

Key technologies:

Winder was equipped with many automated functions e.g. automatic reel spool handling, a butt-joint splicer, tail threading devices, automatic set change, core feeding and taping equipment. 

Installation supervision, commissioning, start-up and training services were also included in the finishing area rebuild delivery.

Results Improved safety in all operations, from reel to storage.
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