Valmet Training Simulators


Valmet Training Simulators are effective training tools for operators and other mill staff. As part of Valmet’s integrated training package, these highly realistic simulators play a vital role in ensuring successful start-ups and efficient long-term operation of key process and machine modules.

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Key benefits:

  • Skilled and confident operators know how to perform start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Implement uniform operating strategies in all operator teams
  • Rehearse safety procedures
  • Be prepared for critical scenarios by practicing how to handle process disturbances and equipment failures
  • Use reports for debriefing and follow-up of individual training results
  • DCS verification to minimize DCS programming errors before commissioning
  • Focused training on key equipment in difficult situations
  • Training in shut-down and start-up
  • Easily available via iPad or Android pads and PCs
  • Follow-up of training results
  • High-fidelity process models
  • Cost-efficient simulator solution




Valmet References Training Simulators

  • Valmet Learning Services can now offer you a more cost efficient simulator. Still delivered as high fidelity with calculations and equations describing the process, containing advanced tools for trends, exercise and disturbances creation.
  • Reference means that the training simulator is based and built according to a typical plant in boiler design and operating modes, and is thus not specified or tailored according to customer’s own plant
  • Based on our simulator references, process knowledge and experience from our own boiler project and service deliveries, we can provide realistic behavior and simulation exercises
  • Practice procedures, scenarios and safety measures to be prepared for handling process disturbances and equipment failures and reduce the amount the number of unplanned outages and thereby save money
  • Cloud delivery – for easy access and possibility to increase simulators over a short period. Available for Recovery boiler and CFB/BFB boiler.




Take a look inside Valmets Reference Training Simulators

Valmet RB Reference Simulator - Take a closer look inside our recovery boiler simulator

Valmet BFB Reference Simulator – Take a look inside our BFB boiler simulator

Valmet cloud based simulators.png

Cloud based simulators - Ideal for practicing start, stop, and safety procedures. No additional hardware orcomplicated installations are needed.