Digital badges

Put your professional skills and achievements on display with Valmet Learning Services digital badges!

You can earn badges for classroom courses, site training, online courses, webinars, and other learning activities. If you complete a training program including several courses you can be awarded a learning path badge which demonstrates the different steps of your professional development.

Our badges are ideal for sharing on your professional profile on social media. When a badge is clicked it will display more details about your achievementincluding the requirements for earning the badge. 


What are digital badges?

A digital badge is a validated indicator of achievement, competence, skill or participation in an activity or event. It is typically used to identify, recognize and display competence related to a specific skill, qualification, role, or task. Several badges can be combined into learning paths to support and motivate continuous competence development. Over time, the earner can build up a portfolio of digital badges from different issuers demonstrating their skills and expertise. Badges are personal and can be carried on by an individual when changing employer or career. 



Valmet badges follow the Open Badge Standard. Source: Open Badges / IMS Global 


All our digital badges are issued according to the industry-wide Open Badge Standard which means their credibility can be verified.  



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