Casmatic B23

Bundler machine

Casmatic B23 is the evolution of the most successful bundler in the tissue industry, Casmatic CMB202. Casmatic B23 has been designed following the recently introduced design standards, reaching up to 23 bundles per minute. As a result the machine features a metal cage frame divided in two modules: infeed and main module. Three different types of infeed are available: DVL Z, DVL U and CMD1H8.

High performance, quality and reliability 

The machine is the result of an improvement of the Casmatic best seller bundler. 

Compact footprint 

The new desing has consistently reduced the machine footprint compared to the previous version. 

Easy maintenance and upgrade 

The implemented improvements guarantee less maintenance, easier upgrades and installation. 

Main characteristics

  • Maximum speed: 23 bundles/min 
  • Average changeover time: 25 min 
  • Average poly reel changeover time: 5 min 
  • Bundle width: 250 - 850 mm 
  • Bundle length: 180 - 900 mm  
  • Bundle height: 180 - 400 mm 

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