Valmet's stakeholders are existing and potential customers, existing and potential employees, suppliers and subcontractors, shareholders and investors, media, non-governmental organizations, authorities and local communities, research institutes, universities and vocational schools.

Valmet promotes its own and its stakeholders operations through active stakeholder dialogue of sustainability themes such as the development and implementation of energy and climate policy, legislation and regulation, and research and technology development (RTD) activities in environmental technology.

Valmet promotes energy efficient technology development and has a long tradition in supporting e.g. universities, in researching sustainable production technologies and finding new solutions. We also share our knowledge and raise awareness of eco-efficient products within our stakeholders for further discussions.

Continuous stakeholder dialogue

Valmet conducts annually an online stakeholder survey for collecting and analyzing stakeholder opinions. The process allows our stakeholders to express their views on Valmet’s sustainability performance and propose ideas for further development.

The web-based tool is utilized in annual and one-off meetings with our stakeholders to gather feedback from as many stakeholder groups as possible.

All received information is collected and analyzed for the annual strategy review process to assess and evaluate potential new topics of concern and to update sustainability agenda accordingly.