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Valmet offers innovative wood-processing solutions for the pulp and paper, fiberboard and energy industry. The solutions are designed to treat valuable wood-raw material to make it ideal for further processing and to gain the best possible yield. Valmet's wood handling concept incorporates all process stages, from infeed to storage, and process solutions for any climate and wood species. The result is high-quality chips and a lot of savings in the process. Valmet also provides external fuel handling solutions for various processes.

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The process starts with log receiving where the clever infeed minimizes wood losses and maintenance costs. In the debarking process Valmet offers debarking drums with several fit-for-purpose solutions. The bark from the debarking process can be transported into useful energy in a mill's power plant. The wood flow discharged from the drum contains a minimal amount of broken and crushed wood, significantly improving the chipping result. All Valmet chippers produce high-quality chips perfect for the pulping process, with uniform chip size and minimal fines content.

Chip handling and storage ensures optimal supply of chips to the pulping process. A screening stage is often necessary to achieve the uniform chip size demanded in different processes. Valmet's chip screening concept is designed for effective removal of oversize and fine fractions from the chip flow. Valmet offers reclaimer solutions for any type of need. The reclaimers are designed for automatic and reliable reclaiming of chips, bark or sawdust from open piles or storage silos.

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Valmet is dedicated to provide flexible, custom-made services that best meet our customer's needs. We aim at reducing your costs, adding profitability and constantly coming up with new service solutions. Working together with Valmet is easy and provides true benefits.

About 60% of the total annual cost in a chemical pulp mill is related to the raw material. In a mechanical pulp mill the same figure is 40%. That means even a small process improvement, to better utilize the material, can make huge savings for any kind of pulp mill. Valmet offers chip quality and process control optimization aiming to reduce wood consumption as well as chemical consumption. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

We at Valmet are committed to moving our customers performance forward and ensure smooth, disruption-free operation, supporting you all the way.

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