Valmet DNA Pulp Laboratory Entry

Valmet DNA Pulp Laboratory Entry (DNA Lab Entry) is an advanced application of the Valmet DNA Info product family for the entry, monitoring and reporting of analysis variables. The laboratories produce data – that cannot be directly measured from processes or that supports the continual condition monitoring of the on-line measurements of processes – for the production control of the factory.


  • The entry and strorage functions of analysis data
  • Analysis sampling time setup
  • Trend presentation of analysis data
  • Presentation of analysis limit values
  • Sampling functions
  • The calculation functions of analysis results
  • The storing and reporting of analysis bound comments
  • Difference reports of on-line measurements and analysis variables
  • Analysis clipboard functions
  • Analysis transfer to the automation system
  • Audit trail


Combined with the product lines process measurements,process status information and calculated variables, analysis data is an invaluable help in the daily monitoring and management of the quality information. With the help of process data, combined with the quality information, the work groups can survey the performance of a process, a product line or the entire factory. The long-term storage of quality information helps in the tracing needs of the factory’s different focus groups. The data can be processed and combined using the versatile reporting applications of the Valmet DNA Info product family.