Automation and flow control for the refining industry

Solutions for every part of the refinery


With decades of refining industry experience, Valmet is your single-source supplier for flow control, automation and safety solutions, and related life cycle services. We provide valve technologies for every part of the refinery, including valves for severe service needs, as well as the process automation and information management systems needed to ensure safe operations and continuous, reliable production.

Decades refining industry experience

Improve reliability and productivity

Ensure uncompromising safety

Service centers in over 40 countries

High-performance solutions for refining applications

Petrochemical and biofuel refineries operate continuously, with processes that involve harsh conditions, long periods of operation and high cycle rates. Since these processes also require a high degree of precision, and use hazardous chemicals and expensive catalysts, there’s no room for error.

Valmet provides high-performance valve solutions for all types of refinery applications, as well as intelligent valve controllers, valve actuators, and fast and accurate valve positioners. To meet your specific needs, we offer both standard and customized solutions for severe service, and we use our expertise in valve metallurgy, and seat and ball design, to ensure the best material choices for each valve application. 

Comprehensive automation and safety solutions

With today’s sophisticated automation systems, refineries can enhance safety, improve process control, and optimize maintenance planning. Moreover, the latest systems give them the accuracy and reliability needed to improve process efficiency and availability, and save costs on catalysts, fuel and energy.

Valmet provides comprehensive process automation solutions for refining industry customers, which meet the highest safety standards. These include the Valmet DNA distributed control system with built-in condition monitoring, as well as information management and diagnostics systems, and integrated safety systems.

Global service and support

Valmet supports refining industry customers around the world with extensive services for their automation and flow control solutions. Our experience covers process control and safety interlocking systems for crude oil processing and biofuel production processes, as well as numerous automation deliveries for natural gas compressor stations and gas treatment units. We have the expertise and the capabilities needed to support large scale valve and automation system maintenance and upgrades.