Tissue Summit Brazil 2022: Körber showcases its latest innovations that help shape customer success


“Celebrating the official return of in-presence events after pandemic restrictions, we presented our latest technologies that support productivity, competitiveness, and profitability, together with our embossing partners in Brazil — Roll-Tec,” said Dineo Silverio, Chief Executive Officer Brazil Körber Business Area Tissue. 

Boosting productivity with an integrated ecosystem approach 

Safety, productivity, and quality are non-negotiables for tissue manufacturers. Exceptionally high standards must be maintained to ensure goals in each area are consistently met, including close machinery monitoring and precision adjustments. Less experienced operators can struggle with these difficult tasks, and the ongoing skilled labor crisis in manufacturing only puts efficiency, quality, and profitability at greater risk. 

Understanding these challenges, Dineo Silverio, CEO Brazil, Körber Business Area Tissue, presented Körber's new integrated strategic approach. The approach combines Körber's consolidated expertise and technologies in tissue converting in synergy with the Group's Business Areas Digital and Supply Chain, offering complete solutions for the entire tissue value chain. The approach represents Körber's transition from a machine supplier to a strategic partner, who now has the tissue industry's most complete portfolio: from roll to folding, from converting to packaging, including advanced digital services, embossing technologies, and a unique supply chain concept. 

The fully integrated ecosystem of solutions is the key answer to achieve productivity, by boosting OEE through automation technology and accurate quality controls. Some of the latest Körber technologies can be highlighted within this theme: 

FactoryPal: a software that helps customers increase OEE by using artificial intelligence is among the portfolio of innovations presented. FactoryPal takes real-time data from production equipment and "learns" about the optimal parameter setting based on historical data and machine performance, applying data science and learning/AI; increasing OEE by up to 30%; reducing machine downtime by up to 50%; accelerating operator learning; and reducing turn-over impact. 

Sam Operational Solution: a family of virtual line supervisors from Körber, applicable to several phases of roll, folding, converting, and packaging production. Sam Operational Solution stands for "self-adjusting machines", where the machines are capable of self-adjusting in order to ensure a consistent quality standard, high performance, and reduced waste. From the Sam family the solutions, Sam log, Sam perf, and Sam pack were highlighted during the session. The first focuses on the log-winding phase, the second detects non-perforated points in the roll length, and the Sam pack detects any visible defect in the pack and discards non-conforming logs. 

Unlocking competitiveness and profitability by product differentiation 

Tissue producers face a continuous increase in raw material costs — especially in pulp — and inflation, which affects the general costs of manufacturing. The tissue market as a whole faces huge pressures in terms of price, making it even more challenging to be competitive and profitable in the industry. 

Filippe Dalponte, Sales Coordinator of Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil, presented product differentiation as a key strategy to overcome these challenges by enhancing brand positioning and achieving customer loyalty. 

During his presentation, Filippe Dalponte highlighted two drivers of differentiation: sustainability and quality, connecting them with the following Körber solutions: 

Biopack: providing an environmentally friendly package  

Solid: a technology, in which the cardboard core is replaced by an extractable paper roll, making it possible to reduce material costs, optimize transportation (by up to 16% compared to the non-compacted version), and use the paper until the last sheet 

Casmatic Zephyrus: an innovative concept for packaging, driven by e-commerce and sustainable trends. The solution is able to pack several different tissue products in a single box, to meet family needs. 

Warm-up Contactless: a revolutionary technology and cost-effective solution, based on electromagnetic induction to heat the embosser rolls, providing greater volume (bulk) and firmness in the rolls. Warm-up contactless increases product volume by up to 20% in a safe and simple way. The installation is suitable for both new and existing embossers, and safe, as there is no physical contact between the heating system and the embossing rolls.  


The Tissue Summit Brazil 2022 was attended by over 200 participants, assembling the main leaders and personalities of the tissue and personal care paper sectors.  

"Being back to face-to-face events after so long is really great. We were able to present our new solutions, exchange ideas with our customers, and even see our partners from previous events once again. This edition of the Tissue Summit had a strong presence of the major players in the tissue market, either as visitors or exhibitors, in addition to high-quality lectures and debates," commented Dineo Silverio. 

According to Silverio, the topics covered by Körber during the conference are strongly connected with the overall needs discussed at the event. "Ecosystem approach, efficiency, and product differentiation are clearly increasingly trends being sought by manufacturers and converters. Adopting such trends is a matter of positioning strategy and brand strengthening so they can stand out on market shelves. That's why we were there. We at Körber are at the disposal of our customers, presenting the ideal solutions to shape their success in tissue," he concluded. 

"We are looking forward and preparing for upcoming events such as It's Tissue and ABTCP, and increasingly bringing innovations to the global tissue market," concluded Filippe Dalponte.