Paper and board making

The Acrobat PDF documents below are white papers in the Valmet Technical Paper Series related to paper and board making. You may download as many papers as you like, simply by clicking on the white paper name in the Download column.


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Rebuilds Small to Large  

Rebuilding a paper machine is a daunting task, regardless of the size of the rebuild. Valmet's experience with over a 100 years of machine rebuilds has helped countless mills improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. The enclosed case studies are reviewed in terms of market demands, mill needs, rebuild scope, special delivery requirements, project milestones and results achieved.


Small Changes Big Results  

Not all game changing results require a massive rebuild. This white paper presents several examples of small upgrades that have produced significant positive changes in productivity, efficiency and profitability at mills around the world.


Digester Developments  

In order to produce pulp the chip column must be moving. A comparison of processes based on converting a two-vessel hydraulic digester to a two-vessel steam/liquor phase digester is presented, along with a discussion of two cooking technologies and their important differences.


Latest Headbox Technology - Fourdrinier and Hybrid Forming  

The OptiFlo headbox family improves performance with a modular construction designed to meet growing productivity and quality needs. The latest member is the OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox with re-designed turbulence tube geometry and better CD profiling accuracy.


Increasing Pulp Production  

The Port Hawkesbury mill modified its TMP refining line to increase the production rate. Production increased from 400 to over 600 ADT/day and refining energy decreased over 15% while maintaining pulp quality. Other optimization projects are also presented in this white paper.


Pulping Developments  

The OptiFiner Pro increases installed power and throughput compared to conventional refining. PeriFeeder and PeriSplitter are superior mechanical steam separators. SealMax mechanical seals reduce maintenance and the OptiFlex digester screen reduces maintenance.


Rebuilding to Improve Production  

Improving production starts with a feasibility study such as Valmet's bottleneck analysis and capacity study which ranks upgrade possibilities. This paper also looks at multiple production improvement rebuilds across a variety of grades.


Mill Scale Trial of Selective Refining of TMP Long Fiber Fractions  

Bowater Mersey Paper Company Ltd (BMPC) is an integrated mill producing both newsprint and book paper. The trial reviewed in this white paper proved that we could operate a process achieving fines removal by screening with small holes and refining of the long fibers only at mill scale production level.


Increasing Productivity, Safety and Usability  

Machinery and controls design should emphasize return on investment, personnel safety and usability. Valmet uses modularity and operating profitability to achieve the highest overall efficiency.


Papermaking Savings Potential  

Paper and board making must be understood as an integrated process from furnish preparation to the roll wrapping process. This white paper examines the savings that can be gained in four main areas: fabric choice, steam & condensate system configuration, felt conditioning and material efficiency.


Evolution of OptiConcept  

This paper provides an insight into the new unit processes of the line for woodfree uncoated paper. The features presented include the new headbox hydraulics, high-resolution dilution system, shoe and blade gap former, closed draw pressing and impingement drying.


New Insights into Gap Forming  

This paper gives new insights into high-speed gap forming of lighter weight containerboard. A relationship between the forming roll wrap angle, forming roll capacity, and basis weight is described along with the impact of headbox design and consistency, forming roll dewatering and machine speed. The paper will also present experiences of production machines.


Innovative Approaches to Improve Competitiveness (Dong Il Paper)  

The paper industry in developed countries has been facing challenges from a mature market.Dongil Paper has taken a unique approach to increasing profitability. Instead of reducing costs they have made small scale investments to existing production machines. Dongil Paper found their competitive edge using starch spray application and curtain coating on a low brightness base sheet.


Effect of Initial Dewatering Layout of a Gap Former on Sheet Structure and Printability  

The main focus of this paper was to study the impact of three different types of gap formers on formation nature and further on the properties of printability. Two of the tested forming sections were roll and blade type gap formers and the third one a novel shoe and blade type gap former.


Mini Shoe Press Rebuild Concept  

Replacing a conventional roll press nip with a shoe press has several benefits. This paper will discuss the differences in technology and functionality. Also discussed in this paper is the mini shoe press application, how the shoe press works, the shoe roll, the hybrid shoe and the theory behind it.


Plattling Papier in Full Swing with New Concepts  

The Valmet supplied PM 1 paper manufacturing line was successfully started up at Myllykoski’s Plattling Papier in Germany in the beginning of December, 2007. The PM 1 line represented the latest SC paper technology from Valmet’s paper and automation groups.


Rebuilding for Safety  

Rebuilding a machine line strictly for safety reasons is not unheard of, however safety improvement is typically one of multiple reasons for investing in a rebuild. This paper briefly describes designing-in safety, then continues with several case studies of designed-in safety across varying grades and machine sections.