Board and paper articles

Board and paper articles

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  • Jul 6, 2020

    Machine vision cuts down web breaks at Torraspapel Leitza

    Typically web monitoring systems (WMS), installed to discover more about the origins and causes of web breaks, are intended for whole paper machine lines. For Leitza, monitoring only a coating machine, a smaller system was needed.

  • Jun 30, 2020

    Behind the scenes of the world’s first QCS for corrugators

    After many years of successful experiences working together with Valmet's automation solutions for paper production, the Saica Group actively participated in the development of automation technology for corrugated board production to ensure quality as well as improve efficiency.

  • May 26, 2020

    Traction for tightly wound paper rolls

    With both the hard Valmet Winder Drum Cover TM and the soft Valmet Winder Drum Cover WG, we offer you the best possible traction in the winder for tightly wound customer rolls.

  • Apr 29, 2020

    All for one

    Outsourcing of maintenance operations to Valmet has proven a powerful combination for Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp & Paper Co: both parties can focus on what they know best. This cooperation is fueled by the fact that they truly work as one team.

  • Apr 29, 2020

    Shared values – shared targets – shared partnership

    The shared values of safety, sustainability, quality and respect for others have taken Klabin and Valmet a long way forward. Their nine-year partnership in shutdowns continued with their successful annual maintenance shutdown at Klabin’s Monte Alegre paper mill in 2019.

  • Apr 29, 2020

    Energy savings with refiner rebuild at Mitsubishi Paper’s Hachinohe Mill in Japan

    Quality never stands alone – it’s more like the sum of factors resulting in better products and processes. And this was the case with Mitsubishi Paper’s Hachinohe Mill, which resulted in the optimization of both operation and quality.

  • Apr 29, 2020

    The power of a shared journey

    The partnership between Stora Enso’s Beihai Mill and Valmet has continued since the pulp and board line installations in 2016. Their shared focus on continuous improvement has enabled Beihai Mill to become a benchmark for high-end white cardboard in China.

  • Apr 28, 2020

    Mondi Štětí’s PM7 rebuild increased winder capacity and improved safety

    Mondi Štětí PM 7 wanted to free the finishing area of PM7 from bottlenecks. Valmet's solution was a fast parent roll change 'Dual Unwind' and automatic parent roll transfer, which increased winding capacity by 62%.

  • Apr 21, 2020

    Excelling with data

    Mondi and Valmet have joined forces to take the performance of Mondi's Syktyvkar pulp and paper mill to the next level. Central to their current performance agreement is the increased utilization of Valmet’s Industrial Internet - VII solutions, which enable better use of data and a more collaborative way of working.

  • Apr 17, 2020

    Valmet’s multinip calender: finalist in engineering contest

    Valmet’s OptiCalender Multinip has been selected as a finalist in Finnish Engineering Contest. The major invention in 1993 revolutionized traditional multinip calendering technology with a simple mechanical solution. Over the years, Valmet has so far manufactured and sold calenders based on the invention worth an estimated EUR 1 billion.

Board and paper articles

10 of 163 documents