Valmet Kit Bio Pack plus revolutionizes tissue product packaging with uncoated paper and innovative nozzle-fed glue application

Globally, about 36% of all plastics produced are currently used specifically for packaging.1 It’s a troubling statistic in a world that’s increasingly sensitive to the ecological impact of plastic. It’s also the impetus behind plastic-free packaging initiatives undertaken by leading brands across a range of industries.

For tissue manufacturers, the transition away from plastic packaging is complicated. Virgin polyethylene has long been the primary packaging solution for tissue products. The plastic’s forming ease, sealing capabilities, and overall compatibility with wrapping equipment made it an ideal choice. However, as ecological necessity and customer demand push against plastic, tissue manufacturers are left to seek new packaging solutions.

Valmet has taken up the challenge, developing Kit Bio Pack plus — a revolutionary product innovation that makes it possible to replace all polyethylene packaging materials with simple kraft paper.

Beyond Kit Bio Pack full and Kit Bio Pack light

Valmet already ventured into packaging alternatives with Kit Bio Pack full and Kit Bio Pack light systems — two technologies embraced by tissue manufacturers seeking more sustainable materials.

Kit Bio Pack full and Kit Bio Pack light systems use pre-coated papers and bioplastics to create predominantly paper packaging, with the bioplastic acting as a sealer. While the systems produce more sustainable packaging, the materials required are extremely expensive, which has slowed universal adoption of the technologies.

Kit Bio Pack plus addresses cost without compromising the technological advancements of the Valmet systems that came before it. The evolution makes customers’ investments even more beneficial since Kit Bio Pack plus completely bypasses the need for pre-coated paper.

An overview of Kit Bio Pack plus

Kit Bio Pack plus is an add-on system on the unwinding section of the wrapper, whether an upgrade to existing equipment or an optional upgrade on new machines.

Before reaching the perforation, the packaging paper passes through an encoder and a set of nozzles — the basis of next-level innovation designed by Valmet packaging division R&D engineers.

The encoder synchronizes the reel with the nozzle system, which precisely applies glue to specified areas of kraft paper reels which unwind at up to 200 sheets per minute. Targeted application prevents smearing and ensures rapid drying of the glue.

The Kit Bio Pack plus nozzle-feed dictates the amount of glue required for each packaging format. This helps tissue manufacturers minimize waste and costs, and maximize the eco-friendliness of the entire packaging process.

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