Kit Bio Pack plus

The future of paper packaging

In a market scenario where manufacturers and consumers are increasingly focusing on sustainability, packaging also plays a primary role for companies that want to stay competitive in an evolving industry such as that of Tissue.

Kit Bio Pack plus makes it possible to replace all polyethylene packaging materials with simple kraft paper, bypassing the need for pre-coated paper with heat-sealing glue, resulting in a solution that respects the environment and contains costs.

This unprecedented patented solution, which can be installed on all wrappers with existing Bio Pack Kit, represents both a technical upgrade for old-generation equipment and an optional for new machines, promoting high quality and speed, reduced packaging costs and higher sales margins on the final product."
Nicolò Squarzoni, Product Manager – Valmet Tissue Converting

How does Kit Bio Pack plus work?

Kit Bio Pack plus, is an add-on system on the unwinding section of the wrapper.

Before reaching the perforation, the packaging paper goes through a double step consisting of an encoder and a set of nozzles.

Therein lies Valmet's inventiveness: the encoder synchronizes the reel with the glue application operated by the nozzles.

The technological innovation is thus able to apply glue on a reel that unwinds at a speed of up to 200 sheets per minute, ensuring extreme precision in targeting the exact application areas, avoiding smearing and ensuring rapid drying of the adhesive.

The ability to dictate the required amount of glue for each specific package format therefore means minimizing waste and costs, and ensuring more sustainable products, making the entire packaging process even more eco-friendly.

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